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Foremost Personal Coaching in the local area

S.C.G. Limited is a personal coaching service that helps the people of the local area maximise their potential and achieve their goals. We provide personal coaching services to a range of individuals from all walks of life. Our process has been tested over time and has remained an excellent method. If you would like to learn more about us, please get in touch through our booking form.

Our Coaching Process

Our results are successful because our process is simple, easy to understand and easy to follow. We believe the hardest part of reaching your potential is the willingness to learn. If we can get you to believe in your own abilities to learn, you’re more than ready to get started on achieving great results. We have made our process flexible enough to work within the constraints of your daily activities and still get what you desire.

Our Expert Personal Trainers

Our team of expert personal trainers have years of experience in getting the best out of our clients. We enjoy nothing more than supporting our customers through their exercise journey, meeting goals, setting targets and working together in a way that suits them. We offer a varied and exciting workout, with something new every time to keep things interesting and to keep you focused and motivated. 


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